Hjerner i brann?

Her kommer en artikkel om hjerner i brann: «Brains on Fire: The Multinodality of Gifted Thinkers» av Drs. Brock Eide and Fernette Eide (som for øvrig også arbeider mye med dysleksi). Artikkelen ligger hos Johns Hopkins University i USA:

Functional brain magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brings exciting new insights into our understanding of how gifted thinkers think. The first thing you notice when you look at the fMRIs of gifted groups is that it looks like a ‘brain on fire.’

Bright red blazes of high metabolic activity burst out all over the scan. Each red patch represents millions of microcombustion events in which glucose is metabolized to provide fuel for the working brain. Gifted brains are remarkably intense and diffuse metabolizers. But the amazing insights do not stop there. The orchestration of activity is planned and complex, and it seems to require the coordination of diverse visual, spatial, verbal, and sensory areas of brain.

Gifted thinkers are rarely one-mode thinkers. Rather, they are great organizers of diverse and multimodal information. For teachers and parents of young gifted thinkers, we begin to understand why certain young gifted thinker go awry, and why organization should be an essential aspect of gifted education.

via School of Education at Johns Hopkins University-Brains on Fire: The Multinodality of Gifted Thinkers.