Ny bok om #evnerike barns emosjonelle og psykologiske behov: Giftedness 101

Giftedness 101Ny bok ankommet bokhylla – juhu! – Giftedness 101

Forfatteren, Linda Kreger Silverman, er psykolog og har bidratt til omkring 300 ulike publikasjoner, bl.a. klassikeren «Counseling the Gifted and Talented» fra 1993. Hun er grunnlegger av stiftelsen Institute for Study of Advanced Development og Gifted Development Center i Colorado.

Boken dumpet ned i postkassen for et par uker siden og etter å lest litt og bladd mye tenker jeg at dette er boken for deg som vil se nærmere på den psykologiske siden av å være evnerik.

The book defines giftedness as a psychological reality with powerful ramifications throughout the lifespan.

Et sitat sprang meg umiddelbart i øynene:

«To have the intelligence of an adult and the emotions of a child combined in a childish body is to encounter certain difficulties. It follows that (after babyhood) the younger the child, the greater the difficulties, and the adjustment becomes easier with every additional year of age. The years between four and nine are probably the most likely to be beset with the problems mentioned (Hollingworth, 1931, i Kreger Silverman 2013)»

Boken ser bl.a. nærmere på vanlige myter om evnerikhet, går inn på identifisering, og om barn som er «twice exceptional» (det å ha en diagnose eller lærevanske og samtidig være evnerik). Fremfor alt er dette boken for deg som vil vite mer om det «indre» 🙂

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Is there really such a thing as giftedness? Are programs for gifted children elitist and undemocratic? «Giftedness 101″ addresses this extremely controversial topic with the intention of dispelling the many myths surrounding the concept of giftedness and providing a clear, cohesive conception of the psychology and development of gifted children.

Seeking to reinvigorate the study of giftedness as a legitimate discipline of psychology, the book examines numerous viewpoints of giftedness that have scientific validity.

It explores the many disparate opinions about giftedness throughout history, and discusses the meaning and characteristics of giftedness throughout the lifespan. Comprehensive methods of assessment are described along with parental and educational roles in developing the abilities of gifted children. The book addresses the unique psychological needs of gifted children, often manifested as «feeling different,» and examines special issues such as gifted children with learning disabilities, gender considerations, implications of socio-economic status, and more. Discussions of future trends and gifted education policy conclude the book.

Dr. Silverman is also author of «Counseling the Gifted and Talented,» which has been adopted at more than 50 colleges and universities.

Key Features:

  • Provides a concise, accessible overview of one of the most important and challenging topics in psychology and education.
  • Examines the concept of giftedness across the lifespan.
  • Covers both the intellectual assessment and development of gifted individuals as well as the psychological well-being issues of this population.
  • Looks at special issues such as learning disabilities and giftedness, gender factors, and cultural diversity.
  • Written by a prominent expert in the field of giftedness

Innholdsfortegnelsen ser slik ut
Kap. 1. Invisible gifts
Kap. 2. What is giftedness
Kap. 3. The Crusade to Vanquish Prejudice against the Gifted
Kap. 4. Life at the extremes
Kap. 5. The psychology of giftedness
Kap. 6. Comprehensive Assessment of Giftedness
Kap. 7. Optimal Development of the Gifted
Kap. 8. Where do we go from here?

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