Verdenskonferanse «World Gifted 2013»

Mellom 5. og 9. august 2013 avholder The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC) sin 20. konferanse. Denne gang i Auckland, New Zealand.

Tema for konferansen er «The soul of giftedness» og en rekke eksperter fra ulike deler av verden skal holde foredrag.

The conference’s central theme is “The soul of giftedness”, in other words, a focus on the emotional, social, spiritual, cultural and ethical development of the gifted young human being, and on the significance this has for the individual and for humanity. We believe this reflects current directions in the field, and that it is a very timely and appropriate theme at this point in history.

Konferansens program er under utarbeidelse. Listen over samtlige «Keynote Speakers» så langt finner du her:

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