ECHA- konferansen 12-15.9.2012

European Council For High Ability – ECHA avholder den 13. internasjonale ECHA-konferansen fra 12. til 15. september 2012 i Münster, Tyskland.

Det overordnede temaet er «Giftedness across the lifespan.»

The conference emphasizes the connection between research and support of the gifted across the lifespan. In particular it stresses the necessity of continuous support and the differences in the needs and requirements of the gifted according to their age and supporting context, such as family and pre-school education, school and extracurricular education, university and vocational education.

Konferansens vertskap er  International Centre for the Study of Giftedness (ICBF) ved Universitetet i Münster.

Et eksempel på foredrag:

Professor Dr. James Renzulli, Director ved The National Research Centre of the Gifted and Talented (@ University of Connecticut)

Intelligences Outside the Normal Curve:  Factors That Contribute To the Creation of Leadership Skills and Social Capital In Young People and Adults

Prof. Dr. Nicholas Colangelo, Myron & Jacqueline Blank Professor of Gifted Education (@ The University of Iowa)

The Cognitive and Affective Issues of Acceleration:  International Applications

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